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At the heart of the University of Ottawa's Information Integrity Lab (InfoLab) lies a fundamental commitment: to advance a nuanced comprehension of the drivers, dynamics, and impacts of misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation (MDM) within the continually evolving information environment.

With a focus on applied research, the InfoLab diligently develops and curates a comprehensive digital repository of MDM resources, encompassing research papers and articles. These resources serve to inform stakeholders, clients, and the general public, contributing to a collective understanding of the intricate challenges posed by MDM. Authored by a cultivated multidisciplinary community of experts and practitioners, our research papers delve into the emergence and spread of MDM, innovations in preventive efforts and responses, and the identification and comprehension of all forms of MDM, including those generated by artificial intelligence. Welcome to a space where knowledge and expertise converge to illuminate the complex landscape of information integrity.


January 2024
Understanding the Threat and Challenge of Visual and Multimodal Disinformation

Computer Research Institute of Montreal with the uOttawa InfoLab

Summary report of an in-depth study produced by CRIM, in partnership with the uOttawa InfoLab.

December 2023
Unravelling the Kremlin's Disinformation Strategy


Daniel Nikoula

This article analyzes the use of disinformation as a strategic tool in the context of Russia's war in Ukraine.

November 2023
DEZINFORMATSIA: The Dangerous Axis of Russian and Chinese Disinformation, Deception and Disruption

Dave McMahon

This article delves into protecting Canadian democracy from rising disinformation by Russia and China. 

June 2023
Intelligence Bias – An Open and Closed Case                                                                                                                            

Dave McMahon

Article on open-source intelligence's mitigate bias in traditional analysis and the challenges that arise.

March 2023
About mis-disinformation, its potential impacts, and the challenges to finding effective countermeasures

Nicolas Rutherford

Article on defining mis-disinformation in the 21st century and the challenges related to deploying effective countermeasures.

February 2022
Digital security for democratic, social and economic prosperity – Discussion Paper                                                         

Canadian Ditchley Foundation

Overview of digital security threats, global initiatives to regulate cyberspace, and future policy challenges caused by rapid advances in technology.

December 2022
Digital security for democratic, social and economic prosperity – Report                                                         

Canadian Ditchley Foundation

Report on the discussions at the Canadian Ditchley 2022 Biennial Conference held in Ottawa November 4-6, 2022 in collaboration with the University of Ottawa.